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Generations of learning packed in every Hurley

From forest to field, we are with you at every step.

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David Dowling

3rd Generation Craftsman

Brian Dowling

2nd Generation Craftsman

Stephen Dowling

3rd Generation Craftsman

Our History

“The Star Hurley, or Dowling hurls as it is commonly known as in Kilkenny, is recognised as Ireland’s leading hurl due to the time that is put into each hurl to ensure that the hurl that is placed in each customer’s hand is of the highest quality and to the specifications outlined by each customer. Today each hurl is finished as Ramie would have in 1963 using hand planes and spokeshaves, some of which were used by Ramie himself.”

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Timber Selection

Ash planks are graded and selected

Our Ash is Killen Dried for 2 weeks prior to cutting

Temperature Regulated for best results

Finished by hand

Spoke Shave in action

Hand Cut for best Results

Hand designed and crafted

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